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Sweet Potato Fries

Wondering where to get sweet potato fries that fit your vegan, grain-free, gluten-free life? Spudsy to the rescue!

Our Sweet Potato Fries deliver a tasty crunch that's super satisfying - along with the satisfaction of reducing food waste. We collect imperfect sweet potatoes that have been rejected from non-GMO farms for their superficial flaws, then transform them into delicious, snackable bits of happiness.

Try all four of our Sweet Potato Fries flavors:

  • Cheese - It doesn't get any cheesier than these hearty spuds made sans dairy and guilt.
  • Hot Fry - Heat up your snacking game with these seriously spicy sticks of stupendousness.
  • Vegan Ranch - When you've got a hankering for creamy, tangy ranch flavor, lasso these little doggies.
  • Sea Salt - Go old-school with this savory classic.

Can't bear to choose just one? Go for a Spudsy Fry Variety Pack!

Next time you're searching for sweet potato fries near you, add Spudsy Sweet Potato Fries to your list by the bag, six-pack or 12-pack.

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